Welcome To The Buck Inn Blog

Just a quick word to welcome you to The Buck Inn Blog.

The Buck Inn is situated in the North Yorkshire village of Maunby, between Thirsk & Northallerton. We specialise in serving fine traditional British food, fine wines and great real ales.

We pride ourselves on sourcing all of our ingredients, wines and beers from local suppliers. We support the local community by hosting both the darts & quoits teams.

The pub is the epitome of the classic British village pub with a warm & friendly atmosphere where both locals and new visitors are assured of a warm Yorkshire welcome.

We’d love to see you soon, so why not come along for a meal, or drop by for a drink? We look forward to meeting you!

The Buck Inn Maunby, North Yorkshire



Christmas is coming and we’re getting booked up

Sorry, I know it’s only October and Christmas is a long way off, but I thought I should write a little to say our December party menus are on line (click HERE to see them) as is our Christmas day menu.  We released them a little over 2 weeks ago and they have already generated a lot of interest.

There is still a long way to go, but if you are interested in eating with us on Christmas day you’d better be quick in booking as we are getting booked up quickly for Christmas day.  Check out the Christmas day menu on line, we are offering an 8 course menu involving either beef wellington, turkey or a vegetarian option on Christmas day all from £70 per person.  We’re not going to “turn” tables, something personally I wouldn’t like, so you’ll have your table from when you arrive to when we close at 6pm to have fun and enjoy the Christmas cheer, here at The Buck Inn.

We’ll be open again on Boxing Day for drinks and a brunch service, again the menu is on line.  We would love to see you pop in for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, or just a bacon bap.  To save you having to cook and clear up.  Leave that to us and we will keep you well fed and entertained.

We are serving our Christmas party menu for all of December. So come along and enjoy the festive spirit with great seasonal, locally sourced food at value for money prices. All complimented with the finest Yorkshire real ales and premium imported biers as well as locally sourced fine wines. Where better to celebrate Christmas than at the Buck Inn?  We look forward to seeing you and helping you celebrate.

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Traditional British Food & Fines Ales at The Buck Inn, Maunby N. Yorkshire

I haven’t blogged for a while, we’ve been busy!!

Hello, apologies for not blogging sooner, we have been very busy behind the scenes, we had a fantastic August bank holiday BBQ which was fantastically supported by the village, I have never seen so many people in the beer garden, really great to see and thanks to everyone who turned up and supported the pub, I hope you enjoyed the burgers and ribs as much as I did J

So, what have we been doing behind the scenes to keep us so busy?  Well, we’ve refurbished the kitchen, to make it more efficient and much easier to keep spotless, which I have to say Dan, our Head Chef is OCD about and it is spotless.

We’ve re-worked the menus, the pub classics now includes Ham, egg and chips which is proving to be a winner as is the homemade pie, we have added more steak options to the menu and introduced 2 for £20 before 7pm, which is also proving to be popular.  More about the October seasonal menu in a bit.

Dan has negotiated an exclusive deal to use Neasham Grange 28 day aged beef, which is just superb and he has used this to re-work the Sunday lunch offerings, which are proving to be even more popular.  The quality of Neasham Grange beef is clearly obvious and we are the only restaurant within 20 miles to be using it, so come along and try the quality at value for money prices.

We are stocking Theakston’s Lightfoot bitter which is proving to be a really popular ale, not just with our customers but personally I am a huge fan myself too! We also have the seasonal ale from Pennine on – Autumn Amber which again is proving popular so come along and try some before it goes!!

Finally, we have had our first Welcome Group meeting on Tuesday 27th September, we will have another on 25 October, the first one was extremely well supported and I am certain it will prove popular.  We have also launched the Community Information hub, here at The Buck Inn, a massive thankyou to Barbara Scott for all her sterling work in getting this off the ground and I am sure it will provide a well-used central resource for finding out what is going on in Maunby and surrounding villages, as well as further afield in Thirsk and Northallerton, once again Barbara, a heartfelt thanks from me for all your hard work on this valuable and much needed resource.

Now, onto the eagerly awaited October seasonal menu, I have tried all the dishes and I have to say my personal favourite on the starters is the Scallops, the taste is superb and I am certain they will fly – or maybe swim, out of the kitchen, once you’ve tried them.  The mains are more difficult to pick a favourite for me, the venison is great, but as a huge fan of Mackerel, I love that too, and the shellfish risotto is great as well.  For the desserts, well with the exception of the cheeseboard, (who doesn’t like Shepherds Purse?), the caramelised pineapple is for me just great. But you’ll all have to make your own minds up and come and try them for yourselves.

The darts season has started and we had our first home match last night against the Tickle Toby in Northallerton, a 7 – 2 spanking ensured and so a huge well done to the Buck Inn lads and a great start to the season, thanks to all the Toby lads for coming along and making it a great night as well.


<a href=“http://www.thebuckinnmaunby.co.uk” target=”_blank”>The Buck Inn Maunby, North Yorkshire</a>


August seasonal menu launched yesterday

Here at The Buck Inn we launched our seasonal menu for August yesterday and so far it’s going down really well. I am posting some pictures of the ingredients that have gone into it and the finished result, how hungry are you now? Don’t all the different colours look so appetising? I’m feeling so hungry now, just looking at the pictures, but then anyone who knows me, knows how much I love fresh veggies and chilli too!! Not to mention some great local meat and fish.
We have also chalked up the blackboard with everything that is in season this month, anything that has a star by the side is on the menu, so as you can see Dan has done magnificently to include so much of what’s in season on this month’s menu.
But don’t worry if you still fancy a burger, fish & chips or a rib-eye steak with our famous twice cooked beef dripping chips, they are still on the pub classics menu.
Come on and try our food, you know it makes sense? Just a final reminder our quoits team have their final home match of the season tonight, come on down and support them they’ve not lost a league match this season, so come and cheer them on, we will be.
See you soon at The Buck Inn Maunby, you’re sure of a warm welcome.

The Buck Inn Maunby, North Yorkshire

Why not try our new seasonal tasting menu?

We’re pleased to announce that we’re introducing a 7 course tasting menu from Tuesday here at The Buck Inn, specially created by our Head Chef – Dan Russell. As you know, here at The Buck Inn we’re passionate about keeping the menu items seasonal and where possible locally sourced and we try and deal as much as possible with small family run suppliers, after all we want to support the local community.
Dan has put together a 7 course tasting menu, all for the amazing price of £45, you know we’re generous with our portions anyway so I bet you’re not hungry after trying it! We have also put together a wine flight if you’d like to have some of the finest world-wines to help your enjoyment.
The tasting menu will be served in the evenings, but if you want to mark a special occasion at lunchtime, we’re happy to prepare it for you then as well.
We’re sorry but only whole tables will be able to order this tasting menu, there’s a purely practical reason for this, we don’t want others at your table to be without food whilst you’re tucking into your 7 courses, I’m sure you all understand.
We also have a great selection of after-dinner drinks, the finest Ports, Malt Whisky and Cognac for you to saviour with your hand made truffles and coffee at the end of your 7 courses.
Come and see us, you’re sure of a warm welcome at The Buck Inn

The Buck Inn Maunby, North Yorkshire

Price increases

As I have already said I have been at The Buck Inn for nearly 6 months now and have settled in really well. But now I do come to the vexed question of price increases. From 1 August the prices will increase for beer, cider and some though not many soft drinks and spirits.
When I started to sell the new range of ales, biers and ciders I was given an introductory offer from the company, this I passed on in full to you the customers, I am now at the end of that introductory offer and it is no longer economic to sell the ales, biers and ciders at the same price. Therefore reluctantly I am increasing the price of what we sell. I have had one or two complaints about price increases, though not as many as I was expecting if I’m honest. People realise that unless I sell my products at an economic price I cannot continue trading.
I did have one person in a few days ago who was complaining about the prices prior to the increase, she said that she could buy a bottle of cider much cheaper at Tesco’s. I am not able to compete with Tesco’s, their bulk buying power enables them to purchase products at well below what the rest of us can buy them at. Even if I did go to the local Tesco’s and buy some products there, I still have to pay for staffing costs, utilities and so on. Honestly, you really don’t want to know what my overheads are, but again unless I cover them, I won’t stay in business.
I know most people understand and have been completely supportive, but I thought I’d better write something to try to explain to those who have complained, and I must stress that it is only a miniscule minority who have. The plain and simple fact of the matter is that I have to take more money in a week / month / year than I spend, otherwise I won’t be here – simples.
All that said, even with the price increases, The Buck Inn will still be very reasonable and for the premium biers that we sell cheaper than or equivalent to everywhere else that I have seen round here. Come and try The Buck Inn Maunby, you’re sure of a warm welcome.

The Buck Inn Maunby, North Yorkshire

Life at The Buck Inn

I moved into The Buck in some 5 and a half months ago, never having run a pub or restaurant before.  To say that it has been an exciting journey is an understatement.  The village of Maunby is just fantastic and I have been made so welcome by the locals and regulars alike.  The Buck Inn has been the centre of the community in the past and I am keen that it is so again.

The village of Maunby has a population of some 140 people, and that is pretty evenly split between those retired and those still working.  The welcome has been equally warm from all, the local darts and quoits teams now play all their home matches here again and speaking as someone who has never seen quoits before, I am fascinated by it, I will own up to thinking “how hard can it be to throw a quoit close to that pin in the clay?” then I was given a chance to have a go, it is so much harder than you think, the sheer weight of a quoit is not something I was expecting in the slightest.  It took me a good couple of dozen “chucks” to even hit the clay, let alone the pin.  That said I am a convert and love watching and have a chuck myself now, I’m just not very good.  We have a home quoits match tonight, if you haven’t seen it played, I urge you to, I’m sure you’ll be hooked, I am.

Having said I’ve been made so welcome and I have, it could be something to do with selling beer, but I don’t think it is, I have moved from London and people here in North Yorkshire are just so much friendlier, you get eye contact when you have a conversation, not something that happens very often in London in my experience.  I have tried and I hope succeeded at least in part, in making The Buck Inn the centre of the village again, somewhere you can come for a fine pint, a beautiful glass of wine a fine dining experience or just a chat if you haven’t been out all day.  I love meeting people old and new, so for me it’s a great job.

I am keen to keep as much as possible locally sourced and also where possible with family owned suppliers to support the local community, our menus change monthly to reflect the seasonality of the local produce.  My chef tells me with the quality of the local produce even I could turn out a plate of food that would be good, I somewhat doubt that, as would anyone who has eaten my food, but it says an awful lot about the quality of the produce up here in North Yorkshire.

Come along and try our seasonal menus, along with great Yorkshire ales, fine world wines and premium world biers, you’re sure of a warm welcome here at The Buck Inn.

The Buck Inn Maunby, North Yorkshire